Rugged & Dependable Control for Demanding Applications

The dependability and precise control capability of Beck actuators have made them a standard in the aluminum industry for over 70 years. Beck actuators deliver maintenance-free operation in temperature extremes and other harsh conditions common to the aluminum making industry.

Beck actuators provide tight, responsive position control under the most demanding modulating conditions. This precise control makes Beck actuators a key element for improved process efficiency, reduced energy costs and reduced emissions.

Beck actuators are designed for continuous modulation, so there are no duty-cycle, temperature rise, or wear concerns typical with most electric actuators.

Beck Electric Actuators Are Typically Used On The Following Aluminum Plant Applications:

Extraction process
Boiler Combustion Air Dampers, Fuel Valves, Feedwater & Steam Valves
Digesters Steam Valves, Caustic Valves, Slurry Valves
Washers & Thickeners Product & Underflow Valves
Kiln Combustion Air Dampers, Fuel Valves
Reduction Process
Raw Material Baghouse Dampers (air flow balancing)
Potlines Cell Exhaust Dampers
R-type Furnace Fuel & Waste Gas Valves, Air & Exhaust Dampers
Incinerator Fuel and Air Valves
Melting Furnace Fuel Valves, Air & Exhaust Dampers
Holding/Alloying Oven Fuel Valves, Air & Exhaust Dampers
Caster Water Valves
Heating Furnace Combustion Air Dampers & Fuel Valves
Reheat & Pusher Furnaces Combustion Air Dampers & Fuel Valves
Soaking Pits Combustion Air Dampers & Fuel Valves
Annealing Furnace Gas & Air Valves